Questions? Call us: 020-24357451 / 9850023064
Questions? Call us: 020-24357451 / 9850023064

About V-Care Pathology Laboratory

V-Care Pathology Laboratory is an initiative of Dr Shilpa Patel Fernandes. She completed her M.B.B.S. from Government Medical College, Miraj in 1992. Thereafter, she enrolled for an M.D. in Pathology at the Government Medical College, Miraj for three years and was conferred this post graduate degree by Shivaji University, Kolhapur. She is registered with the Maharashtra Medical Council to practice Pathology. Hematology, cytology and histopathology are her areas of interest. She regularly updates herself in these fields by attending and participating in workshops and conferences at state and national level.

She has total 22 year’s of worke experience in this field which is as, she worked on Cleared MD Pathology final examination from October 1997 then she join Consultant Pathologist at Maharashtra Medical Foundation’s Joshi Hospital from February 1998 to May 1998, then she join Consultant Pathologist at Maharashtra Medical Foundation’s Joshi Hospital and Ratna Memorial Hospital, Pune_ In addition, I developed private practice at my own laboratory, V-Care Pathology laboratory, Pune from February 1999 to December 1999 now she is working in Private practice at V-Care Pathology Laboratory from December 1999 to dale.

V-Care Pathology Laboratory employs a caring, competent and qualified staff who is devoted to patient needs and accuracy of results. Every attempt is made to ensure that samples are collected and transported optimally so that results obtained are accurate. The very best and modern machines are used for analyzing samples. Sample collection and labeling is bar coded to ensure accuracy. Analysing machines are directly networked to servers to enable accurate transfer of data. Environment for optimum machine working is maintained by air conditioning which in turn, ensures accurate results.

A variety of blood and body fluids are analysed at V-Care Pathology Laboratory in order to detect various disorders. Tissue samples are processed to diagnose and report diseases so that appropriate treatment can be commenced at the earliest. Microbiology services are available which help to grow, detect and diagnose infections from blood and body fluids.

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